The pace and dynamics experienced by the textile industry in the 21st century requires management solutions that ensure, at any time and in any place, a 360º vision of the business.

Consumers are increasingly looking for personalised consumer goods that match their individual tastes, without having to wait a long time to get them. This is how Avelmod is a reference of rigour, quality and integrity in the provision of our services, from design to cutting, from production to packaging.

Environmental Impact

The environmental impacts of the textile industry are not exclusive to the production phase. Packaging also carries its own environmental footprint, which Avelmod seeks to mitigate through new packaging strategies, seeking a customised, reusable and recyclable design for individuals and businesses.




What we do

Avelmod is a reference in the textile world for the rigor and quality of our services, from design to cutting, from production to packaging.

Ready to Wear

From prestigious clothing brands dispersed around the world (mainly Europe and USA) to the challenges of young fashion creators and their embryonic projects with potential, Avelmod has a vast experience in this range.

Care Clothing

From hospitals to Health Centres, from Nursing Homes to Day Centres, Avelmod is present within the community. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has brought a reinvention of the textile industry and with it new challenges.

Thus, masks, surgical (and medical) gowns, coveralls, surgical (and hospital) pyjamas are some of the materials produced by AvelCare, a brand of products certified by CITEV, INFARMED and ISQ.

Made to Measure

Specialists for over 20 years, Avelmod has a range of dedicated professionals.

Suits, jackets, waistcoats and evening wear (trench coats and dinner jackets) are some of Avelmod's flagships, both made to measure and industrial, providing a personalised customer service.

Work Wear

With a vast experience in the hotel and catering business, Avelmod has over the years gained the necessary skills to increase its position in the world of work.

As such, Avelmod is today marking its position on institutional clothing, on insurance and funeral agencies, on train and aviation companies and, in this way, developing its areas of action.

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