Leaders in creativity and innovation in the textile industry.


Between lines and fabrics, the history of Avelmod is written, dating back to its heyday to Estado Novo and which today knows its peak in terms of visibility, production and efficiency.

As well as being an engine of regional development, we know Avelmod catapulted abroad to currently be an international business landmark.


In a world marked by a dizzying technological vertigo and the instability of the global market, Avelmod faces the challenges that are currently imposed such as the best price, product quality and service excellence.

This evolution was achieved and is worked on daily through the implementation of investment programmes, production capacity, technological and process modernisation, as well as the constant professional training of its employees.

Avelmod positions itself in the advent of the digital age in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a business can only achieve its goals and overcome its difficulties by making digital media its great allies.

Ready to Wear

From prestigious clothing brands scattered around the world to the challenges of young fashion designers and their embryonic projects with potential, Avelmod has a vast experience.

Care Clothing

From hospitals to health centres, we are present within the community. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has brought a reinvention of the textile industry and with it new challenges.

Made to Measure

Specialists for over 20 years, Avelmod has a range of professionals dedicated to tailoring. Suits, coats, waistcoats and evening wear.

Ready to Wear

With a vast experience in the hotel and catering business, Avelmod has over the years gained the necessary skills to increase its position in the world of work.

"Fashion goes out of fashion, style never"

Coco Chanel

What defines us

Avelmod sees social and environmental responsibility as fundamental pillars in the development of the company. Values such as constant training, education, health and environmental awareness are fundamental in order to improve the performance of its employees, products, processes and activities.

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